more about me


🐣 hello hello!

I was born & raised in Taiwan (boba🧋originated from my home town) before coming to the US for college at USC's Iovine & Young Academy. It’s a program started by Beats founders Jimmy Iovine & Dr.Dre that combines design, business, technology, and communication.

☀️ career

Before I committed on product design for my career, I explored photography, branding, community building, consulting, and product management.

If I’m spending much of my life working, I might as well work on something meaningful and impactful. Spending time doing the bare minimum at a soulless, clock-in clock-out big corporation is not for me. After seeing through the glamour of big tech, I’ve found myself gravitating towards startups. Startup = Growth!

I’m fascinated with tools that accelerate people’s productivity and creativity. From infrastructure levels like planes and public transportation to software level like Notion or Figma (and now OpenAI), these tools enable us to pursue more meaningful things in life!

My long-term career vision is to build cool things with cool people. Whether it’s in the form of product, company, community, content, or experiences… we’ll see! Right now I’m just focusing on building high-leverage skills, meeting high-potential people, and enjoying the ride!

🍥 design philosophy

Design happens in collaboration. It is an iterative process of building relationships

between different stakeholders. My design process leverages insights, technology, and empathy to co-create with people, for people.

I strive to keep things minimal but meaningful, simple but significant.

🌱 life

I found myself getting along with curious, thoughtful, and introspective people who ask good questions, are eager to learn & grow together, and are down for a conversation on a random rabbit hole!

❔questions on my mind

How can I get asymmetrical returns on whatever I’m paying attention to?

How can I build a meaningful career that gives me leverage in the future?

How can I better listen to the wisdom of my body & emotions?

How can I read between the lines and cross-pollinate ideas across domains?

How can I build a better relationship with myself and get to know the inner kid in me?

How can I be on the path of being a good partner and dad for my future family?

How can I be ambitious and high-agency without stunting my personal relationships?

How can I surround myself with curious, thoughtful, and supportive people who give me energy?

How can I lean into my gifts and be marvelously, vigorously myself?

What skills am I adding to my personal monopoly and how would it compound over the years?

What impactful ideas can I share with my communities and eventually the world?

How can I become a better product builder and hone my craft as a designer?

🙌🏼 things I love


✍🏼 Writing

I publish a newsletter where I document my growth throughout life! I also use Twitter to learn in public.


📚 Reading

I love reading! I'm currently reading The Time Paradox & Storyworthy.‍ Read my book notes here.


📸 Photography I post portrait, street, and landscape shots on my photography IG!


🌄 Sunsets

Trying to collect sunsets from all national parks!


🥘 Cooking

Making food is therapeutic!



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