andy hsu | product designer at mercury

🙋🏻 30 seconds bio

  • based in NYC 🗽 went to school in LA 🌴 born & raised in Taiwan 🇹🇼
  • PM-turned-designer: previously, I’ve worked with big tech & startups building & strategizing product experiences as a designer, PM, and consultant. I’m passionate about tools that empower human productivity, creativity, and agency ⚡
  • mindfulness explorer: on a quest to be marvelously & vigorously myself through introspection, self development, and mindfulness 🧘🏻

⏳ Now

  • settling into my new job & NYC to start my post grad life! 🗽

👋🏻 Let’s connect!

Qualities I appreciate the most in people: curiosity, thoughtfulness, and agency.

If anything resonates, don’t hesitate to reach out! Always down to meeting likeminded people! :)

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I write about actionable ideas for building a meaningful career and living a mindful life! For updates & past issues, check out my newsletter!

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