Asking for more advice is a form of procrastination

Asking for more advice is a form of procrastination

When you hear the word “life,” the meaning and emotions you feel are probably much deeper than 5 years ago.

Hearing something isn’t the same as understanding it. Knowledge needs life experience to solidify. Otherwise, it’s just indulging in empty talk.

You can read as much life, career, or relationship advice as possible. But after a certain degree, it becomes a distraction and loses its meaning.

We only have so much we can retain at once

We have limited capacity for how much we can keep hold of at once. Like buckets filled with information. But once they are full, adding more becomes wasteful. That’s when we make more space by taking them out for application and synthesizing them into wisdom.

This is why it’s important to apply the things you learn, instead of just blindly accumulating them. Accumulating without applying is like pouring water into a filled cup. It’s just gonna leak.

We get repeated advice because we are not asking new questions

I spent a decent amount of time last year getting advice from designers and taking courses on audience building. Then I realized it’s hard to make progress without taking action on the advice. Things became repetitive because I didn’t put the advice into practice to level up and ask new questions.

Seeking more advice without implementing existing ones is just procrastinating. This is why we should take action. Inaction in an action too!